We now have our own betting service in partnership with My Club Betting!  Team members, supporters, families, friends and work colleagues who sign up and use our own bespoke service, instead of other bookmakers, will be directly supporting our team - at no cost!  Our Club gets 20% of nett losses. What this means is that should you lose, instead of all of the losses going direct to the bookmaker, 20p of every pound lost goes to Wincanton Town Football Club for club development. We also get free kit and equipment when we sign up ‘users’ to our site so spread the word and sign up to help fund our club development.


With the Euros, Rugby and Wimbledon Tennis upon us there is no better time to register to our betting site. So before you stroll down to the local bookmakers or sign in on-line to another bookmaker thinks about the club you support, use us and help us grow!   


Please click on to register on our service and don't forget to ‘bookmark/add to home screen’ for easy access next time.

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